How to plan your diet during old age

How to plan your diet during old age

Diet plays a very important role in human growth. Our body’s nutrition demand differs during different stages of life. While the basic remains the same for every type of diet, the portion size, what to eat when and how etc changes significantly. For example, it is hard to imagine a 70-year-old person, chewing sugarcane simply because of decaying teeth and bones in this age. Most of the elder people lose their body weight significantly and the occurrence of malnutrition is very common in this age. Thus it is very important to plan one’s diet carefully during old age. Ideally, the diet should be prepared by consulting a dietician or doctor. If there are enough care and support available at home then only it can be very well planned and followed. The problem gets further aggravated for those seniors who don’t have enough family support and the worst part when they themselves can not afford to consult a doctor and follow their diet routine. Planning for 2020 is easy here

What type of food does body require during Old Age?

As the age progresses there are many physical, physiological and perceptual changes that occur in the body like decaying of teeth, losing muscle weight, slow rate of metabolism, lose bladder, loss of sensory stimuli like the taste, touch and see. So, it is very important to have a holistic diet planned keeping, the person’s needs in mind which can help develop a better immune system. Since weight loss is a very common problem among senior people so a high-calorie diet with enough fibre is a good option as this will help in aiding digestion and meeting body’s calories demand. Though senior people don’t get thirsty often however it is very crucial to have enough water in their diet and making sure that they do not take any alcoholic beverage. There could be certain other complications in terms of food allergies which needs to be given special attention. A person can develop allergies even if they didn’t have it in the past hence a thorough body checkup is highly recommended. Also, medication has to be kept in mind while planning the diet for senior people.

Certain Foods  which can be included in a senior diet:

Water, Blueberries (a rich source of antioxidants), fibre from vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits etc., Fatty Fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Sardon (High in Omega 3 fatty acid), Olive Oil, Yoghurt, Tomatoes, Broccoli, All types of Nuts, and Red Wine to help fight Bad Cholesterol. Apart from these check your local vegetable market after consulting your dietician and doctor. Also, add food supplements in your diet apart from the regular diet.