Health benefits of Socializing in Old Age

Health benefits of Socializing in Old Age

Humans are a social animal. We prefer to live in groups and associate with a certain group based on our culture, environment and personal likeliness. Peers and Groups play an important part in a Human’s life throughout. Unfortunately, the growing age can have a serious impact on one’s social life. Loneliness is a type of disease which can silently affect health adversely. It can bring in many serious medical complications especially psychologically. As per a study conducted by The Guardian in 2014, loneliness in older people is more dangerous than obesity and that lonely aged people have 14% great risk of dying.

Many say that women need more socializing as they can’t live lonely,  is absolutely not true. It is very important to spend a significant part of one’s day socializing, meeting old friends or making new friends for both men and women or any other person. If one didn’t have an active social life in the past it is very important to socialize in old age because of its therapeutic effect. Medicare supplement plans for 2020 ar found at

Benefits of having an active Social life:

  1. Emotional Support: Social Isolation is the leading cause of Depression, Getting older can be very difficult, and it is human nature to want support and care. Having few people around who you can trust and share things with only makes the process easier.
  2. Improvement in Physical Health: Apart from having a  group to go on exercise with or start a yoga class, group sharing can help lower blood pressure and lowers the risk of developing so many other chronic diseases at this stage of life.
  3. Improves Sleep Pattern: An active social life means an active lifestyle and daily routine which ensures that one gets a good night sleep as they go to bed.

Because of the times that we live in, Independence and personal space are highly valued and some older people especially introvert or shy elders may worry that their privacy will get compromised. This is again a false assumption. You can very well balance your ‘Me’ time and ‘Social’ time with a little planning and setting expectations with your friends or social circle. If you have never socialized much in your earlier years, it may come a little difficult for you in the beginning. However again you can slowly make new friends. Start by joining a closeby meetup group particularly based on your area of interest and things will soon be fine for you. Kids can become great friends with older people and such friendships goes a long way.