Health Benefits of a Routine during old age

Health Benefits of a Routine during old age

Does time matter for a senior person? While we all agree that having a ‘Daily Routine’- doing the same set of activities around the same time almost every day, helps a lot in getting things done and organizing our work. But do you feel that having a daily routine in old age is also very useful especially in the matter of health and personal care? In a study conducted on elderly people after retirement, it was found that those who followed a daily routine with a well planned day have fewer chances of falling ill. Also, it helped them stay physically active and mentally strong. Obviously, a rigid routine does not really help given the complexities of old age, but one can always have a flexible routine which helps navigate through the day easily and in a more efficient manner. Having a Daily Routine allows: Look to 2020 and get a medicare advantage plan

  1. A greater sense of self-control: When you have your day planned and organised you tend to feel more in charge and in control which helps boost overall self-esteem. Not only that one feels more secure and safe as the fear of the unknown is almost gone. You know what tomorrow brings you.
  2. Reduced Stress levels: When you have things going as per plans, you are much relaxed and at ease with yourself.
  3. Better Sleep: This is one of the greatest advantages of having a routine. When you have a highly engaging and active day it surely ensures a better sleep at night.

How to Plan your Daily Routine:

Before planning your routine carefully observe your day to day activities for a few days and if possible maintain a journal for some key activities and how much time you give to them. Then ask a few questions from yourself like: How would I like to spend my days?

How much time would I like to spend doing daily hygiene job and other regular important things?

How many hours I would like to sleep? (Make sure it’s not more than 9 hrs)

What are some of my favourite things to do?

How much time do I need for myself?

Which time of the day do I feel most active?

Make sure your routine has a healthy mix of daily regular chorus, Excercise, Recreational time, Personal Time, Social life, Any work you are engaged in and Your Sleep/Bedtime.

Here is an Example:


  • Brushing Teeth and finishing other morning routines of personal hygiene
  • Having Tea or Breakfast with my partner
  • Reading Newspaper
  • Yoga Class
  • Grocery shopping


  • Gardening
  • Having Lunch
  • Reading/Playing with my partner or a friend


  • Having Tea
  • Going out for a brisk walk with my friends
  • Talking or spending time with my friends
  • Watching TV
  • Having Dinner with my partner
  • Sleep